How is

WJCreate different?

We provide comprehensive Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Management Services utilizing an Integrated delivery method. WJC works directly with the owner serving as both designer and builder, coordinating the team of consultants and subcontractors, managing the process from concept to completion.

At WJC the original designer continues with the project through construction. Therefore the project and the responsibility is never handed off from one to another. The people designing the project are the ones overseeing its construction – ensuring continuity throughout the entire project. The designer oversees every step to prioritize design and construction according to established goals, overall quality, budget, and schedule.

What is

Integrated Design-Build?

A construction delivery method in which architects, engineers, construction experts, and trade professionals collaborate within a model that seamlessly integrates design principles and construction expertise where the architect, as owner-advocate, ensures high fidelity between project goals and outcomes.

With Architecture and Construction perspectives in the same room – from beginning to end. Efficiencies are identified, miscommunications are avoided, and cost-saving solutions are discovered. Designers and trade professionals are positioned to Benefit from each others’ Insights – leading to high-caliber Results and desirable Outcomes.

Key Benefits

Single-Source Accountability

Owners have one point-of-contact and one source of accountability throughout the entire project. We simplify the building process managing the project from concept to completion.

Cost & Schedule Certainty

We design with careful consideration of quality and feasibility so the budget and schedule are guaranteed much earlier in the process compared to traditional construction methods.

Embracing Complexity

We embrace complicated projects. A tricky site, intricate design, short timeline or tight budget. Our continual engagement with various partners fosters collaborative, anticipatory problem-solving.

Put our process to work for you.

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