In an era where the potential of our youth holds the key to a brighter future, a ground-breaking ceremony marked the beginning of a groundbreaking initiative – “The Skills Center.” Amidst great anticipation and a palpable sense of excitement, community members gathered to witness the unveiling of this transformative 50,000 square-foot facility. With its state-of-the-art amenities and a profound mission to uplift local youth, The Skills Center promises to be a beacon of hope and opportunity in our community.

The WJCreate team were on site in Tampa Tuesday, November 30, 2022, for the Skills Center Collaborative groundbreaking. Skills CEO Celeste Roberts told the crowd that she envisioned a space where local youth can gather for tutoring, mentoring, job training, nutrition, and sports – gaining valuable life skills to provide for their families and break generational poverty. The 50,000 sf facility contains a brand-new gymnasium, multisport training facility, test kitchen, co-working space, and offices for five community organizations including the Skills Center staff themselves.

At the core of The Skills Center lies a profound belief in the potential of every young person, regardless of their circumstances. With its diverse facilities, the center seeks to cater to the multifaceted needs and interests of the community’s youth. The brand-new gymnasium will provide a safe and inclusive space for sports and physical activities, fostering teamwork, discipline, and healthy lifestyles. The multisport training facility will offer specialized coaching and development opportunities, allowing aspiring athletes to hone their skills and unlock their full potential.

One of the fundamental pillars of The Skills Center’s philosophy is collaboration. By partnering with various community organizations, the center aims to amplify its impact and reach. By creating a network of support, The Skills Center can draw on the expertise and resources of its partners, providing a comprehensive array of services to the youth it serves. By leveraging these collaborations, The Skills Center aspires to break down barriers and offer a seamless pathway to success.

WJCreate is extremely proud to be apart of the project and we encourage you to check out The Skills Center’s website for information on their program and what the future holds.

To learn more about the project check out our project profile here.